Bear Hollow Zoo


Bear Hollow Zoo at  is home to a variety of non-releasable wildlife residents. These animals have encountered a challenge that they could not overcome, either physical or behavioral, and have been placed here to live out their lives serving as ambassadors for their species. They are here to educate our visitors about the wonderful wildlife with which we share space.

Bear Hollow Zoo is located within Memorial Park

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Moved to Athens a tear ago. Wanting to become a volunteer at Bear Hollow. Have past experience as a volunteer & paid docent at Zoo Atlanta. Also volunteering at the Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary. Clint Murphy & Liz Fincher have told me I should contact ya'll about volunteering at Bear Hollow. Can someone contact me & inform me of any volunteer opportunities? Cell # is 470-448-9036. Many Thanks....Mark Ritter
Kelly.....I don't know how to sign in my volunteer hours every Monday.