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Social Enterprise Greenhouse

The month of July was a very active and exciting month for Social Enterprise Greenhouse. The long awaited Impact Accelerator Graduation was held on 7/14. The entrepreneurs were able to pitch their small businesses and social impact to the public. It was a very inspiring and well crafted event that I was happy to be able to assist in organizing. I'm still very much enjoying my time at Social Enterprise Greenhouse and I've gained more confidence in the tasks I'm expected to carry out. I have had opportunities to practice and learn outreach skills that have been perhaps my biggest professional development for the month of July.

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Social Enterprise Greenhouse

Over the past month my responsibilities at SEG have grown a lot and I've been able to professionally develop many skills as a result. I am at a place now where I believe I have a better awareness of SEG's mission and their methods of operation. To be able to fully digest and comprehend what is discussed within staff meetings has really increased my confidence, which in turn makes me eager to volunteer myself for more projects. Since my last reflection I have assisted more with writing some of newsletter and then organizing all the content for the newsletter to be sent. I also volunteered myself to help SEG apply for a Google Ad for Non-Profit grant. While it wasn't exactly grant writing it was still very educational for me to witness and assist in some of the grant application process. SEG also had one of their big events in the past month to celebrate all the volunteer advisors that offer their time and expertise to social impact entrepreneurs. In the next month I am looking forward for more opportunities to increase my skillsets. One project that is in the works involves myself and another staff member visiting local small businesses that has been involved in an SEG program. It will be very exciting to film and highlight small businesses that are doing impactful work and giving back to the community.

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Social Enterprise Greenhouse

I am starting to get more settled into my role at SEG. Having had time to learn what my responsibilities are and now execute them has made me feel fully onboarded. I have had more opportunities to recognize entrepreneurs within the SEG ecosystem and have done so by highlighting them throughout SEG's social media channels. In the past month I have also had the experience of shadowing in on two of the programs SEG offers. During these programs I got to hear entrepreneurs describe and pitch their vision for how their non-profit is giving back to the community.

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Social Enterprise Greenhouse

My first few weeks at SEG have been very informative and insightful as I began my time serving in the non-profit world. I have learned in detail the mission SEG has to create a more resilient community. Being apart of the communications team I have been assigned to research strategies for increasing engagement with a latinx audience on social media. SEG has worked hard to ensure that they are a bilingual organization to encourage volunteers/entrepreneurs/advisors to be apart of their organization even if english is not their first language.

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